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Aimia Lost & Found
Client: AIMIA
The concept of AIMIA Lost & Found department in conjunction to their 16th Annual AIMIA Awards was realized to translate the common practice of event organizers handing out show bags full of “goodies” into an interactive digital environment. The setup was after attending the 16th Annual Awards night, a follow-up email is then sent from AIMIA fictional Lost & Found department informing that you have left something behind. A URL link is also provided for you to visit their Lost & Found department to claim back what you have unfortunately left behind. The brief was thus met with a truly innovative idea which also addressed AIMIA concern towards the conservation of our environment where most often the case; goodie bags overloaded with unnecessary brochures and pamphlets are only waiting to be thrown away.
Greeted and hosted by Bernie; your very reserved and awkward Lost & Found attendant, he will take your details, check them and present you with the variety of items that he think you might have left behind during the awards night.
Signing-in is a simple process that matches email addresses of the attendees with the database where it identifies the person logging into the Lost & Found department. The goodies chosen by the attendee will then be either emailed or mailed out to he/she.
The built in functionality underneath Bernie’s counter represented by a series of 3 cards hanged on some haphazard strings; one of Barney’s genius contraption helps the attendee to navigate easily through the various goodies to make their selection. There is no limit as to how much goodies the attendee can claim they have left behind, Bernie trust that they are honest enough.
Clicking on the More Info tabs reveal more details to the redemption goodies.
Littered with cleverly edited key scenes and mini scenes, the Lost & Found department is stitched together through the use of flash videos & awesome time-based actionscripting where over the course of claiming the goodies, we observed Bernie’s waiting from being highly strung, to displaying weird behaviors, to slightly annoyed, to outwardly impatient and eventually nodding off whilst falling off his counter.
Check out the highlights video above.
Behind the scenes
Posted on: November 19, 2010
Category: Flash, Microsite