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Client: Seth Macfarlane
Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy is launching his latest series of webisodes known as Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comed. These animated shorts were distributed by Burger King and released weekly. The brief was therefore to utilize KIT digital’s VX player capabilities and to provide a platform not just to house & view the various webisodes but also to give considerable amount of real estate to have frequent updates to sponsorships and advertising banners. Taking lead from the animation & illustrative style of Seth MacFarlane previous work on Family Guy, American Dad, etc, the website concept is to resemble a movie theatre where these webisodes are presented every week with the cartoon styled drama of the red curtains opening. The successful launch with and Seth MacFarlane’s YouTube Channel also part of this project became the most watched YouTube channel of the week obtaining over 3 million video views only two days after the first episode (a Super Mario Bros. parody) was released.
User are presented with various functionalities where they can chose to view the different characters in Meet the Cast, See Seth’s Blog video entries from Seth MacFarlane himself and of course view all released webisodes in a intuitive video player. Every detail in the site has been tailored and designed to fit in the theme of Seth MarFarlane creations, you wouldn’t be able to notice any hint of generic looking video player. Lastly the backend functionality where topical online ads are managed, served and displayed reveals the ingenious undertone to this website.
View video highlights of opening animation sequence
Meet the Cast page
View video highlights of opening animation sequence to Meet the Cast.
Seth’s Blog page
View video highlights of opening animation sequence to Seth’s Blog
Posted on: November 13, 2010
Category: Website