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Art Direction, Design, Pre & Post Production

The concept of AIMIA Lost & Found department in conjunction to their 16th Annual AIMIA Awards was realized to translate the common practice of event organizers handing out show bags full of “goodies” into an interactive digital environment. The setup was after attending the 16th Annual Awards night, a follow-up email is then sent from [...]

Art Direction & Design

The brand new Victrack fully content managed website was successful launched with strong corporate branding complimenting a well considered information architecture. The moodboard phase enabled VicTrack to quickly identify their direction and vision for the website. Tapping on the various virtues of VicTrack current corporate branding which the selected moodboard aims to exemplify with its [...]

Art Direction, Design & Production

With Mercedes Benz recent launch of the Vito in the van category, Vito has managed to achieve an 5 star ANCAP Safety Rating here in Australia. Being the first in its class, the Vito now represents the safety benchmark for commercial vans where Mercedes Benz is proud to showcase. This microsite provides a platform to [...]

Art Direction, Design & Production

A finalist in the 16th AIMIA Awards for Best Children’s, The Energy Force Game is an online game from Origin Energy to help kids learn about the conservation of our environment through energy saving. With this exciting and intriguing game, Energy Force; Operation Solar Alert brings on the islandwide recruitment for A.N.Z.E.A (Australia & New [...]

Art Direction, Concepts, Storyboard & Production

From concepts to storyboard to building online advertising banners, every steps involved in producing these interactive banners all have a single goal; to engage the user in a matter of seconds and entice interest strong enough for a clickthrough. Online advertising doesn’t just purely belongs to the realm of flashy retail call outs and predictable [...]

Design & Production

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy is launching his latest series of webisodes known as Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comed. These animated shorts were distributed by Burger King and released weekly. The brief was therefore to utilize KIT digital’s VX player capabilities and to provide a platform not just to house & view [...]

Art Direction, Design & Production

Great Australia Day Duck Race; a charity event is held annually here in Melbourne during Australia Day by Life Saving Victoria. This special event will have Victorians witnessing the biggest spectacle of bright yellow rubber ducks racing down the Yarra River. And with every adopted duck, the money donated will aid & benefit the development [...]

Art Direction, Design & Production

In 2007 Australia Day, Google have a plan to fly a plane and capture a birds eye view over Sydney City and Sydney Harbour area. This plan was also to bring more exposure to the already stunning satellite images shown in Google maps. With the concept of illustrating info-graphic in the instructoart style, this print [...]

Art Direction & Design

Innovation in packaging design has always intrigued me and been my passion during and after my university years not that many years ago. Two particular ideas that i have had a chance to work on as a student has managed to achieve an award for 2002 Southern Cross Graphic Enhancement Gold Award. (shown above) The [...]

Art Direction & Design

Free from shareholders’ scrutinies, brand managers watchful eyes and marketing teams research findings, Hocus Pocus, a fictional corporate branding is created to showcase my graphic design abilities. This fictional company has its core business in cinematography, computer generated imagery (CGI) as well as the emerging motion graphics capabilities, in short they make anything that moves [...]